Managed Vulnerability Management

Let our experts run Rapid7 InsightVM or Nexpose for you.

You know the metaphor: Vulnerability scanning is a lot like a race. It’s you against a world of attackers, with everyone scrambling to reach your vulnerabilities first. Some security teams are equipped to keep pace in perpetuity. Many are not—and that’s okay. To the overwhelming balance of teams for whom the staff and skills needed to compete are out of reach, we’re here to level the playing field.

Rapid7’s Managed Vulnerability Management team can help you quickly leverage your investment in InsightVM or Nexpose – and increase productivity while saving time and money – by handling the operational requirements for you.


How Can We Help?

Our team of experts is ready to take

over your vulnerability scanning

program. Just say the word.


Get the expert guidance you need to:

Get the most from InsightVM or Nexpose
Your vulnerability management program needs daily attention and regular analysis to raise your security posture to its fullest potential. Our Managed Vulnerability Management team will fill in for you when you don’t have in-house skills or resources.

Free up your team
Our Managed Vulnerability Management team can handle the configuration, scanning, and reporting for you, so that your team doesn’t spend extra time getting trained or offloading other important initiatives.

Reduce your operational overload
When we manage your vulnerability scanning remotely, we remove the burden of hiring resources as well as maintaining hardware upgrades and software updates.

Leverage the attacker’s mindset
InsightVM and Nexpose are the only vulnerability management products to combine assessment of vulnerabilities with controls, validation, and prioritized remediation planning into a single solution. Run and managed by our experts, our technology will allow you to more effectively and efficiently reduce the attack surface and manage risk.

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